Priestley's Visitor Guidelines

Please familiarise yourself before coming to visit
  1. Workplace Health & Safety.
    Priestley’s Gourmet Delights (PGD) is committed to the health, safety and welfare of all persons on its premises. Accordingly, it requires visitors to be aware of and to abide by certain obligations and conditions as detailed below.
  2. Security
    Monday to Friday between 7am and 5pm all visitors must report to reception on the first floor on arrival and sign the visitor’s book and read these guidelines.
    Outside these hours, this process must be completed either in the Production office or the Warehousing office.
    While on site, visitors must be accompanied by a PGD representative.
  3. Traffic Management.
    Vehicles on site must be REVERSE parked into designated parking bays.
    No responsibility shall be accepted by PGD for any damage incurred by a vehicle on site.
    Always walk between the yellow lines. Use the designated walkways and crossing routes at all times.
    Always drive slowly. Site speed limit of 10kms must be adhered to.
  4. No Smoking on site.
    Smoking onsite is strictly prohibited.
    Smoking is only permitted in the marked smoking area beyond the entry gate.
  5. Protective Equipment.
    Appropriate protective clothing and footwear shall be worn in all areas, and provided as required.
  6. If entering Production, you will be required to leave all “loose items” in a secure location.
    This includes jewellery, hair accessories, mobile phones and contents of pockets.
  7. No consumption or use of drugs or alcohol is permitted on site.
  8. If an emergency occurs, an alarm will be sounded. On evacuation, please follow the directions of your PGD representative who will direct you to the most appropriate emergency exit.
  9. In the event of suffering an injury whilst at PGD, first aid care is available to you.
    Report the circumstances to your PGD representative who will summon a First Aid Officer for you.
    All incidents or accidents, including near misses, must be reported immediately by completing an Incident, Injury & Hazard Report Form.
  10. Food & Drinks.
    The consumption of food or beverages is not permitted in Production, with the exception of water.
    Water must be stored in the allocated area in Production.
  11.  Hygiene
    All visitors must complete the “Visitor screening checklist for COVID 19” before visiting. If you are suffering from a fever, the flu or flu like symptoms or any other contagious illness including but not limited to diarrhoea, vomiting and skin infections, then you must not visit and should re-schedule the meeting once you have returned to full health. For your own safety, we highly recommend downloading the Coronavirus Australia app.
    All visitors must apply hand sanitiser before entering the building; there are sanitiser stations located around the facility and we ask that sanitiser is applied regularly.
    Upon entry all visitors must complete a temperature check using the non-contact IR thermometer. If the temperature registers 37.5 degrees or higher, than the visitor must not enter and must contact their site representative to let them know that they will not be attending the site.
  12. Visitors are always expected to comply with GMP and HACCP procedures whilst onsite.
  13. Raising Concerns.
    Should any visitor have any concerns in relation to their safety whilst on site, they are encouraged to voice those concerns to their PGD representative.

To download and print a copy of these guidelines click here

Thank You for helping us to create a safe workplace for everyone. We look forward to welcoming you at Priestley’s.