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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple, we don’t stand still and we strive for more. We are pioneers in the industry, meaning we say yes in the face of no, we are constantly re-imagining new ways of doing things and we play and create to constantly bring you new creations and inspiration.

We are creators at heart, always asking “what if?”, not limited by the current state of play and continuously bringing new ideas and innovation to our customers. We ask questions, seek feedback, seek to understand and identify gaps and bring along solutions with them to raise the bar across the industry.


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New Product Development

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About Us

Here at Priestley’s Gourmet Delights, the passion we have for food is at the heart of who we are since 1996 we have been guided by our principles in sourcing the best ingredients to meet our exceptional quality standards and always asking ‘what’s next?’ to delight our consumers with every mouthful of dessert and savoury treat.


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