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Product Code: 1-118

A traditional recipe of chocolate fudge mixed with loads of walnuts and pecans. ...

Product Code: 1-215

Apples, sultanas and spices on a shortcrust base topped with a sweet crumble.
  • Gluten Free
  • 5 Days Ambient

Product Code: 1-804

Delicious fudgy brownie laced with pecans and walnuts in the traditional America...
  • 3 Days Ambient

Product Code: 1-123

A smooth creamy caramel on a rich coconut biscuit base, finished with a feathere...
  • Gluten Free
  • 3 Days Ambient

Product Code: 1-136

Smooth creamy caramel on a gluten free coconut and hazelnut meal base topped wit...

Product Code: 1-044

Loaded with walnuts, carrots, golden syrup and extra spices topped with a layer ...
  • 3 Days Ambient

Product Code: 1-245

A blend of coconut and cherries on a chocolate coconut base topped with dark gan...
  • Gluten Free

Product Code: 1-029

What makes this creation so unique is the beautiful marbling effect. Swirls of r...
  • Diary Free
  • Vegan
  • 5 Days Ambient

Product Code: 1-733

A medley of goodness baked in this vegan slice of cranberries, dates, sultanas, ...

Product Code: 1-262

A rich slice of blended banana and pineapple, topped with a layer of cream chees...
  • Gluten Free

Product Code: 1-285

A lemon baked cheesecake covered with passionfruit on a gluten free biscuit base...
  • 5 Days Ambient

Product Code: 1-821

Sweet coconut biscuit base covered with tangy lemon icing topped with shredded c...
  • 3 Days Ambient

Product Code: 1-119

A rich mix of caramel and macadamia nuts on a shortcrust base.
  • 3 Days Ambient

Product Code: 1-329

Magnificent mint with an irresistible biscuit crunch. Mint flavoured hedgehog ba...
  • 5 Days Ambient

Product Code: 1-216

A classic rocky road mix of pink and white marshmallows, glacé cherries, co...
  • Gluten Free

Product Code: 1-756

This strawberry flavoured baked cheesecake slice is a delightful and popular des...

Product Code: 1-321

Coffee lovers will delight in layers of light sponge and tiramisu cream filling ...

Product Code: 1-287

Creamy smooth vanilla bean custard between layers of delicate pastry topped with...

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Wholesale Dessert Slices – Crafted for Sweet Indulgence

Welcome to Priestley’s Gourmet Delights – your one-stop shop for the most scrumptious dessert slices around! Whether you’re in charge of a café or just deciding what to put on your menu, our slices will certainly add a refreshing sweet element to your offerings. We’re all about bringing you a wide range of cakes and slices, perfect for every palate.

Delight in Our Collection of Wholesale Cakes and Slices

We bring you dessert perfection, simplified. Our handpicked selection of dessert slices offers a medley of flavours and textures, made to delight every visitor. From classic chocolate to fruity goodness, we’ve got it all. Indulge in our heavenly Flakey Cheesecake Slice, savour the Hummingbird Slice, or relish the Cherry Slice. And don’t miss out on the irresistible Caramel Slice – a blend of chewy caramel, biscuit base, and a chocolate top. Or try our smooth Chocolate and Vanilla Cheesecake Slice, with its swirls of rich marbled chocolate combine with vanilla cheesecake.

Why Choose Priestley’s Wholesale Cakes and Slices?

Varieties: Varieties – Check out our diverse collection of wholesale dessert slices! We’ve blended classic and inventive flavours to create a range that’s sure to please. Sink your teeth into the decadent American Brownie, loaded with rich dark chocolate and walnuts. Or savour the timeless Apple Slice, featuring a flaky pastry base, luscious apple filling, and a perfect streusel topping. Or, try our Red Velvet Slice, where a luxurious red velvet base meets creamy cold set  cheesecake. It’s a celebration of dessert artistry!

Shelf life: Each of our dessert slices offers remarkable shelf-life options, with a frozen shelf life of 364 days and a refrigerated shelf life of 5 days.

Locally owned and quality-driven: At Priestley’s, we’re all about local pride and a passion for quality. We handpick the best ingredients for our dessert slices, guaranteeing every bite is a masterpiece of flavour and goodness. This dedication to excellence is what makes us a leading wholesale cake and slice supplier in Australia.

Gluten-Free Options Available: We get it – dietary preferences matter. That’s why we’ve got a line-up of gluten-free dessert slices. Everyone deserves a taste of our scrumptious treats! We’ve got you covered with options like Lemon and Passionfruit Cheesecake Slice, Caramel Slice, and Chocolate and Orange Slice.

Priestley’s – Your Trusted Wholesale Cakes and Slices Suppliers. Elevate Your Menu with Indulgent
Dessert Slices

Revamp your dessert line-up with Priestley’s mouth-watering cakes and slices. We’re your trusted wholesale dessert source, committed to delivering excellence that delights your customers. Add a touch of artistry and quality with Priestley’s Dessert Slices. Reach out for wholesale cakes and slices across Australia, from Melbourne to Perth. Our extensive distributor network ensures seamless delivery to your business.