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  • Gluten Free
  • Diary Free

Product Code: 1-257

Seasonal apples and rhubarb, sitting on a moist orange and almond meal base, top...

Product Code: 1-280

A generous swirl of blueberry through our smooth and creamy baked cheesecake on ...
  • Serve Warm
  • 3 Days Ambient

Product Code: 1-152

A golden sticky date cake topped with a generous dollop of salted caramel and ga...
  • Diary Free
  • Vegan
  • 5 Days Ambient

Product Code: 1-739

Silky and sublime, this simply delicious vegan cake reveals shredded carrots, wa...
  • 7 Days Ambient

Product Code: 6-001

A light fluffy sponge cake covered in a bespoke lamington dip of chocolate or ra...
  • 7 Days Ambient

Product Code: 6-000

A light fluffy sponge cake covered in a bespoke lamington dip of chocolate or ra...
  • Serve Warm
  • Freezer to Plate

Product Code: 1-328

Decadent chocolate cake filled with chocolate sauce, served warm to release the ...
  • Serve Warm

Product Code: 1-960

One for the chocolate lovers, a chocolate pudding with a self-saucing chocolate ...

Product Code: 1-334

Cold set cheesecake with cookie pieces on a dark chocolate biscuit base, topped ...

Product Code: 1-790

Enjoy our mouth-watering individual Red Velvet Cake, infused with hints of delic...
  • Diary Free
  • Vegan
  • 5 Days Ambient

Product Code: 1-659

Mouth-watering muddy vegan chocolate cake topped with a creamy chocolate rosette...
  • Gluten Free
  • Diary Free
  • 3 Days Ambient

Product Code: 1-662

Persian inspired cake of orange & almond meal, drizzled with sweet white glaze, ...
  • Gluten Free

Product Code: 1-276

Tropical blend of peach and passionfruit swirled through our smooth and creamy b...
  • Gluten Free
  • Diary Free

Product Code: 1-231

A centre of juicy pears, topped with walnuts, sitting on a moist orange and almo...
  • Only Store Ambient

Product Code: 1-964

A delicious individual Christmas pudding, made using traditional methods, with a...
  • 3 Days Ambient

Product Code: 1-271

A generous swirl of raspberry through our smooth and creamy baked cheesecake on ...
  • Serve Warm

Product Code: 1-961

A traditional style steamed pudding, full of dates and self-saucing with a toffe...

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Wholesale Individual Cake and Desserts

Running a dessert food service business without top, high-quality cakes is like a story missing its sweet ending. Enter Priestley’s Gourmet Delights – your partner in delivering exceptional individual cakes to discerning taste buds. As a renowned manufacturer and wholesale supplier of individual cakes and desserts, we bring you a curated selection that caters to your business in major metro areas like Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth & beyond. We also cater nation-wide to regional areas. No matter where you are in Australia, we have a distributor for you.

Discover the Symphony of Flavours: Wholesale Individual Cakes & Desserts

Imagine sinking your teeth into our Caramel Sticky Date Cake – a golden delight crowned with salted caramel- heat this one up to enjoy its transformation into a delicious self-saucing cake Craving a bite-size treat? Our Choc & Raspberry Lamingtons are a delicious fluffy sponge dipped in chocolate or raspberry, and coated in coconut. Or try our Choc Ooze®, our chocolate cake that oozes warm chocolate sauce when warmed- the perfect indulgent treat.

Seeking a lighter dessert option? Try our Orange & Almond Cake, a Persian-inspired cake drizzled with glaze and adorned with cranberries and pistachios, awaits. Or dive into our Pear & Walnut Cake – juicy pears meet walnuts on an almond base. Oh, and don’t miss our Raspberry Cheesecake, a creamy swirl of raspberry through a creamy baked cheesecake atop a biscuit crumb base. This indulgent individual cheesecake is also available in our peach and passionfruit and sweet blueberry flavours. It’s a mouth-watering journey – each bite is a delightful chapter. With a focus on wholesomeness, we’re here to cater to your unique demands.

Why Choose Priestley’s?

Quality and Craftsmanship: Quality is our promise. Our individual desserts are not just treats; they are a reflection of our commitment to excellence. Indulge in the perfection of our Cookies and Cream Cheesecake, our delectable Vegan Mud cake and more, knowing that you’re tasting the best.

Variety: Priestley’s brings diversity to your bring your café or restaurant’s table. Our selection caters to different tastes and preferences, ensuring every customer finds a slice of happiness. From the sweet and tart thrill of peach and passion fruit cheesecake to the opulent richness of Choc Ooze®, or our Caramel Sticky Date Cake, our variety ensures you can keep your offerings fresh and exciting.

Timely Delights, Happy Customers: Freshness is our priority, and we understand the importance of on-time delivery. Our products are frozen, locking in the freshness of our delicious treats from the hour it was baked. This ensures café owners can serve great tasting, quality product that is consistent, keeping their customers smiling!

Through our local distributor partnerships, we ensure your café is always stocked with our creations, whether you live in Melbourne, Sidney, Brisbane and Perth, or in a regional area.

Shelf Life and Storage: Our cakes are designed for convenience. With a frozen shelf life of 364 days and a refrigerated shelf life of up to 5 days, you have the flexibility to manage your inventory. Store them frozen at -18°C and thaw for refrigeration, allowing you to serve up delectable treats whenever you want.

Vegan Options for All: Catering to diverse dietary preferences, we proudly offer vegan options that delight everyone, regardless if you follow dietaries or not. Indulge in the richness of our vegan carrot cake topped with smooth vegan icing delicately sprinkled with rose petals and pepitas.

Mud cake that embraces plant-based ingredients without compromising on taste.

Unveil Café Enchantment with Priestley’s – Your Trusted Wholesale Individual Cake
and Desserts Suppliers

In the world of gourmet delights, Priestley’s stands as your go-to destination for a range of delicious and indulgent treats. With Priestley’s, your menu will become a canvas for sweet delights, encouraging your customers to come enjoy every bite of our individual cakes and desserts. No matter where you’re located in Australia, we’re here to bring the magic of Priestley’s into your establishment. Get in touch for wholesale orders of our individual cakes & desserts and transform your restaurant, café, pub or club into a haven of flavours that your customers will savour.