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Apple Crumble Tartlet

Product Code: 12193704

A delicious apple filling in a sweet fluted pastry shell finished with a crunchy crumble topping.
  • Serve Warm
  • 3 Days Ambient

Apple Lattice Top Tart

Product Code: 1-642

A golden shortcrust pastry tart filled with lightly spiced apple and topped with a pastry lattice. Delicious served warm with custard and ice cream.

Banoffee Tart

Product Code: 1-658

Square chocolate tart shell, filled with banana laced caramel, topped with fresh cream, banana chips and chocolate drizzle.
  • 3 Days Ambient

Caramel Tart

Product Code: 1-275

Rich baked caramel filling in a fluted tart shell, finished with delicate chocolate piping and a choc caramel duo rosette.
  • Gluten Free

Choc Berry Tart

Product Code: 1-366

Tangy blueberry and creamy baked cheesecake in a gluten free chocolate tart shell.

Citrus Tart

Product Code: 1-224

A sweet pastry tart, filled with our renowned tangy citrus curd and lightly dusted with icing sugar.
  • Gluten Free

Citrus Tart – gluten free

Product Code: 1-316

Swirled filling of tangy citrus curd in a delicious gluten free tart shell lightly dusted.

Custard Tart

Product Code: 1-284

Savour the creamy texture and full flavour of vanilla bean custard, sitting in a sweet tart shell and dusted with cinnamon.

Lemon Meringue Tart

Product Code: 1-255

A sweet pastry tart filled with tangy lemon curd, topped with a cluster of soft meringue kisses.
  • 3 Days Ambient

Macadamia Tartlet

Product Code: 12193732

A delightful temptation of macadamia nuts set in caramelised sweetened condensed milk in a sweet tart shell.
  • Gluten Free

Pear & Ricotta Tart

Product Code: 1-839

Smooth baked ricotta cheesecake in a gluten free shell topped with brulee pear. Subtle flavours make this a great base for savoury sweet creations.
  • Gluten Free

Strawberry Cheesecake Tart

Product Code: 1-840

Creamy baked cheesecake finished with a strawberry swirl in a gluten free tart shell.
  • 3 Days Ambient

White Choc & Pecan Tart

Product Code: 1-234

A sweet fluted tart shell filled with a blend of white chocolate and pecans in a bed of caramel finished with a lattice of icing sugar.