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  • Gluten Free
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Product Code: 1-746

This delicious savoury treat is gluten free and packed with the natural sweetnes...
  • Gluten Free
  • Serve Warm

Product Code: 1-745

This muffin is a savoury treat inspired by the flavours of the Mediterranean. It...
  • Gluten Free
  • Serve Warm

Product Code: 1-712

Our gourmet pesto muffin is gluten free and delightfully blends the vibrant tast...
  • Serve Warm

Product Code: 1-741

Locally grown pumpkin, mixed with chives, parmesan and cheddar cheese, folded th...
  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan
  • Serve Warm

Product Code: 1-713

A hearty gluten free and vegan baked treat that combines the flavours of pumpkin...
  • Serve Warm

Product Code: 1-735

Mediterranean inspired combination of spinach and ricotta folded through creamy ...

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Wholesale Savoury
Muffins and Quiches

Imagine a café where every bite tells a savoury story, where indulgence and creativity come together in every dish. Welcome to Priestley’s Gourmet Delights – your partner in crafting outstanding savoury treats that appeal to all tastes.

As a renowned manufacturer and wholesale supplier of delectable treats, including savoury muffins and quiches, we offer a carefully selected range that resonates with café culture across Australia, including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and more!

Exploring Wholesale Savoury Muffins and Quiches from Priestley’s

Priestley’s Beetroot & Whipped Feta Muffin – a gluten-free masterpiece that draws the natural sweetness of beetroot with the aromatic embrace of rosemary and thyme. Topped with creamy whipped feta, this muffin strikes the perfect balance. Craving Mediterranean flair? Our Mediterranean Muffin, also gluten-free, is loaded with sun-dried tomatoes, olives, spinach, and feta, all crowned with toasted parmesan cheese. Or indulge in the Pesto & Cream Cheese Muffin, a delightful blend of basil pesto topped with a rosette of cream cheese.

Also, don’t forget Pumpkin & Chive Quiche, a harmonious mix of locally sourced pumpkin, chives, and cheeses in a delectable pastry shell. Dive into the Pumpkin & Kale Muffin, a hearty gluten-free and vegan treat that combines the earthiness of pumpkin with the nutritional goodness of kale, enhanced with rosemary and pumpkin seeds. A muffin so buttery and indulgent, you won’t believe it’s Vegan! For a taste of the Mediterranean, savour the Spinach & Ricotta Quiche, a buttery pastry shell filled with spinach, ricotta, and garlic.

Why Choose Priestley’s Wholesale Savoury Creations?

Crafted Excellence: Our savoury creations uphold the same commitment to quality and craftsmanship our sweet offerings are known for. From the Beetroot and whipped Feta Muffin to the Mediterranean Muffin, each treat is made with the finest ingredients, delivering delightful flavours in every bite. Our team of food scientists and market researchers ensure that every delightful innovation made by Priestley’s Gourmet Delights is what your customers are craving and on-trend.

Diverse Delights: Our menu boasts a diverse range of flavours. Whether you prefer the herby notes of the Pesto & Cream Cheese Muffin or the robust richness of the Pumpkin & Chive Quiche, our creations cater to every palate.

Freshness on Demand: We understand the pace of your café. That’s why we prioritise freshness. Through our network of local distributors, we ensure timely deliveries that keep your café stocked with our savoury wonders. Imagine your patrons savouring our treats, like the Pumpkin & Kale Muffin, knowing it has just arrived at your doorstep.

Convenient Storage: Convenience is at the core of our design. With a frozen shelf life of 364 days and a refrigerated shelf life of 5 days, you have the flexibility to manage your inventory without any compromises. Store them frozen at -18°C, thaw for refrigeration, and serve mouth-watering treats whenever cravings strike.

Vegan Indulgences for All: Celebrating diverse diets, we proudly offer vegan choices to accommodate all dietary preferences. Dive into the goodness of our vegan delights, such as the Pumpkin & Kale Muffin, and experience the fusion of taste and compassion.

Infuse Your Café with Savoury Bliss with your trusted wholesale supplier – Priestley’s Gourmet Delights!

In the realm of culinary excellence, Priestley’s Gourmet Delights is your gateway to a world of flavour and innovation. Our menu is a canvas of culinary artistry, inviting patrons to relish every bite. Experience the magic – one savoury delight at a time.

Regardless of your business’s location, we deliver through our extensive network of distributors across Australia. So, reach out to us for wholesale savoury treasures, including savoury muffins and quiches, that will transform your café into a haven of taste, delighting your customers’ palates.