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  • 28 Days Ambient

Pavlova Hi Rise Mini 27g

Product Code: 6-200

A round top pavlova for an individual dessert with wow factor.
  • 28 Days Ambient

Pavlova Mini 25g

Product Code: 6-203

A flat top shell which is the perfect base for individual pavlova creations on the dessert menu.
  • 28 Days Ambient

Pavlova Petite 8.5g

Product Code: 6-204

Very cute bite size pavlova for high tea, catering or a dessert share platter. Create different flavours and plate together for an irresistible finale.

Pavlova Round – 1kg

Product Code: 6-201

A super size traditional round pavlova that is ideal for weddings and Christmas parties with 28 portions.