Treats that Travel

Posted on April 9th, 2020

App-based food delivery services are proving to be a way for everyone to order their favourite foods. The ability to order from the comfort and social distance of your home without having to get out of those comfy sweatpants or leave your couch is the new face of the food industry.


We have seen the shift from fast food as a last resort on a Friday night to people choosing app-based delivery of quality food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Office workers are staying at their desks and ordering coffees and a treat, students are ordering study food to arrive without leaving their screens and people are looking for more than just regular takeaway for delivery options.


Menus need to consider the suitability of foods that maintain food quality, and your reputation, in the home delivery world. The short journey from chef-to-table has now become; chef, into a delivery bag, picked up by a contracted delivery driver (or cyclist), before finally arriving at the customer’s door. With this in mind, Priestley’s have put together an extensive list of products that will sustain the home delivery journey and arrive at your customers looking and tasting as delicious as they’re expecting.


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