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Frozen Is The Way To Go! The Answer To Your Culinary Woe!

It’s fair to say recent times have become challenging for consumers and businesses alike with the soaring cost of living, rising interest rates and price increases across most industries. While it continues to be incredibly challenging with most consumers and businesses looking for savings, there’s light at the end of the tunnel out there for the hospitality industry.

Frozen, ready to go products can play a big part in delivering savings for your business as well as ensuring great tasting, quality product is served to your customers every single time. Heralded as the answer to many culinary woes, and called out by many across the industry, cakes and desserts supplied frozen to venues are offering more benefits than once thought.

Some of the benefits include:

No Spoilage or Write-off, straight from freezer to cake cabinet: allowing café owners to showcase only what is required for the day and limiting any unnecessary costs with product that needs to be thrown out because it can’t be stored and needs to be used up immediately.

Freshness Guaranteed: freezing locks in freshness and preserves the baked goodness from the hour it was baked. This ensures café owners can serve great tasting, quality product that is consistent, keeping their customers smiling!

Ease of Handling: with individually portioned slices, handling these frozen portions ensures no damage to the cake slice and a beautiful looking serve for the customer. A perfect portion every time.

A great base to start with: frozen portions provide the perfect base for chefs and staff to add some additional flair and create a masterpiece by simply adding toppings, garnishes and sauces. It’s a time saver for them yet still allows them to add a personal touch.

No Waste: allowing café owners to only use what they need, this reduces overall wastage and is another small step towards sustainability.

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