Our Journey

It has been a little more than 10 years since we were awarded an Ecobiz star partnership with the Queensland government after reducing our carbon emissions by 38% and our water usage by 31%. 

But we were never going to rest on our laurels! Ten years on and we have continued to see improvements in our sustainability. Thanks to the implementation of a number of initiatives we have been able to reduce our energy consumption by 6.4% since 2016, despite increasing the number of cakes we bake.

Action Plan Highlights

  • Installing Power Factor Correction [PFC] units
  • Connecting a wastewater recycling system
  • Switching from electric to gas ovens

Production initiatives

  • Recycling bins introduced in the factory.
  • Low flow spray nozzles on chemical dispensers to reduce the amount of water and chemical being used without compromising results.
  • Reduced flow rates on mobile CIP to reduce water consumption.
  • Installed motion sensors in the toilets and now locker rooms.
  • Phasing out old-style fluorescent tube lighting and replacing them with LED lights.
  • Installed Solar lighting in the bin area.
  • Installing sensor on the dishwasher to shut down after 10 min of inactivity (time to trailed and confirmed)


Looking forward, we are determined to build on these achievements and have set ourselves some important goals looking ahead. 

Future Goals

  • Reduce CO2 emissions from manufacturing by 5%
    Customer collaboration – analysing customer order patterns, making recommendations to improve efficiencies in order patterns to decrease freight movements.
  • Reduce water use by 5%
  • Reduce total waste in manufacturing by 5%
  • Zero waste to landfill by 2025
    Currently at 70% diversion
    Waste management – partnered with Suez in November 2019 in order to reduce waste to landfill with the ultimate goal of zero waste to landfill. Organic food waste and DAF waste goes to Nugrow for fertiliser, co-mingle goes to recycling sites, cardboard and paper go to Visy.
  • Eliminate plastics from packaging by 2022
    Only 2 SKU’s to go
    Active programme to remove plastics from packaging formats
  • All packaging to be recyclable by 2025
    Cartons are made from recycled fibreboard

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