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Dessert Trends in 2024: What’s Baking in the Wholesale Dessert Industry?

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  • Healthy Indulgence to Ruby Chocolate: Discover the latest trends reshaping wholesale desserts in 2024.
  • Tech-infused experiences, Classics Continued, and Local Authenticity
  • Bonus Insights: Emerging trends in the bakery industry.



2024 brings a wave of innovation and flavour to the wholesale dessert industry. The dessert sector continues reinventing itself, mesmerising consumers and culinary professionals.

Let’s embark on a sweet journey into the latest dessert trends. This blog post will offer insights for wholesale cake suppliers in Australia. Discover what’s baking in the dessert world this year.




Dessert Trends in 2024




Our love for the past is making a grand entrance into the dessert world. Remember those classic flavours that made your childhood sweet? They’re coming back with a modern twist.

Think elevated rice pudding with exotic spices or a gourmet version of the PB&J sandwich in dessert form. The key here is to blend the comfort of familiar flavours with the thrill of new experiences.

So, expect to see your all-time favourites, but not as you know them!


Healthy Indulgence


Gone are the days when desserts were a no-no for the health-aware crowd. The dessert trend is shifting gears to health-conscious indulgence.

It’s a trend that demands attention from suppliers. This dessert trend urges suppliers to incorporate healthier ingredients and alternatives in their offerings, options like Sugar-free, gluten-free, and even keto-friendly options that taste delicious.

Avocado chocolate mousse, anyone? Or how about a slice of almond flour-based cake that’s just as fluffy and moist as the real deal?

The future of desserts is looking sweet and surprisingly healthy!


Incorporate more veggies


A whopping 94% of folks down under aren’t hitting their veggie goals, even though they know it’s good for them. But hey, things are looking up! Over 60% of Australians are now making a real effort to bring more greens into their meals.

Moreover, with 56% of global consumers showing interest, the industry is witnessing a significant shift towards plant-based options. Dairy-free ice creams, cakes, and pastries are becoming more than just alternatives. They’re becoming the go-to choice for many. Whether you’re vegan, lactose intolerant, or simply looking to reduce your dairy intake, the dessert industry in 2024 has got you covered.

Plant-based ingredients like coconut milk, almond butter, and even sweet potatoes are being used to create creamy, dreamy dessert masterpieces. This trend, more pronounced in regions like the Middle East, Africa, and South America, is moving beyond simply substituting animal products.

This is your cue for all food service pros to mix it up. Consider teaming up those hearty dishes with fresh side salads, or add tasty quiches or savoury muffins to your menu. Check out our quiches and savoury muffins and get those veggie servings up!


Surprise Element


As the cost of living increases, everyone’s hunting for the best bang for their buck. Hence, the desire for surprising and bespoke dessert experiences is rising. This trend encourages chefs and suppliers to continuously innovate and tailor their products to unique themes and preferences.

People aren’t just looking for a meal anymore. They want something special, something that makes them go, “Wow, now that’s worth my money!”  How about adding some fancy, individually portioned cakes to your display?

There’s something about having a whole mini cake to yourself that feels extra luxurious and delivers that wow moment. Or, get creative with desserts that pack a surprise – like a treat with an ooey-gooey hidden centre or a mix of textures.

Order our Choc Salted Caramel Tart, in bulk, complete with a dreamy liquid caramel heart.




Moving on, the future of desserts is about the taste as well as the experience. Enter Interactive desserts are on the rise. Imagine desserts that change colour, desserts with elements you assemble yourself, or even desserts that are a visual spectacle.

The popularity of interactive dessert EAT Stations reflects a growing desire for experiential dining. This trend provides a golden opportunity for wholesale dessert suppliers to collaborate with event planners and caterers.

Dessert dining in 2024 is set to be an immersive experience that combines flavour, texture, and visual drama. Turn every bite into an adventure.

Customers are all about that visual treat and delight. They’re looking to spoil not just their taste buds but their eyes too. So, let’s keep those cabinet displays spotless and splash in some colour! Having a variety of flavours and eye-catching treats on show really grabs attention and can nudge those impulse buys.


CHOCOLATE in demand, now more than ever


People everywhere are paying more attention to their health, both body and mind. Hence, they’re on the lookout for products that make them feel good and bring a little happiness into their day. Yummy and fancy flavours can really tempt people to buy on the spot, not just to fill a craving but to lift their spirits, too.

For example, lots of folks in Europe reckon that treating themselves to a dessert is an easy and affordable pick-me-up.

Chocolate stands out as a go-to flavour for many products because it’s so closely linked with feeling good, indulging a bit, and cosy comfort. Believe it or not, over 80% of people in Europe find that familiar tastes, like chocolate, are comforting.

Plus, the rich and full flavour of chocolate adds a little extra something to a wide range of food and drinks.


Sustainability Sweets


The focus here is on making desserts that are good for you and the planet. This includes ethically sourced ingredients in eco-friendly packaging. Hence, more support for local farmers, less waste, and innovations like edible packaging.

A dessert choice that supports a greener earth.


Deep-Fried Ice Cream: A Modern Twist on a Classic


Once a nostalgic treat, this dessert has been reimagined with a modern flair. Spearheading this revival is Duo Duo, a Sydney-based food truck. By prioritising homemade, high-quality ingredients, including locally sourced Jersey milk. Founders Chris and Dylan Duong have infused new life into this classic. Their approach not only pleases traditional dessert aficionados but also attracts those seeking gourmet experiences.


Soft Serve: An Enduring Favourite


Moving on, the timeless allure of soft-serve ice cream persists. Establishments like Hartsyard and Wish Bone in Sydney are adding creativity to this classic treat. Gregory Llewellyn, an American-born chef, has introduced variations such as key lime pie and cookie dough with M&Ms. This indicates a significant opportunity for wholesale cake suppliers in Australia to experiment with fusion flavours. They can cater to a clientele that values both innovation and comfort in their desserts.


Ruby Chocolate: The Latest Sensation


Furthermore, Ruby Chocolate is revolutionising the dessert landscape. This new variety, introduced by Swiss manufacturer Barry Callebaut, is made from the unique Ruby cocoa bean. Its distinctive reddish-pink colour and intense fruity flavour have made it a sensation.


Cookie Dough: Indulgent and Safe


The rise of edible cookie dough, as seen in businesses like DoughLord in Brisbane, underscores a growing preference for indulgent yet safe-to-eat dessert options. The trend highlights the importance of balancing classic flavours with innovative recipes and ensuring food safety. Wholesale cake suppliers can tap into this trend by offering ready-to-use, safe-to-eat cookie dough products. This caters to the DIY baking community and dessert enthusiasts.


Dessert Mocktails:


Offering dessert mocktails like Lamington smoothies is a novel way to surprise guests. This trend underscores the importance of creativity in dessert presentations and the potential for cross-category innovation.


Seasonal and Local:


Lastly, the emphasis is on using seasonal and local ingredients. It is not only an ethical choice but also a marketing advantage. It resonates with the growing consumer preference for sustainability and supports local economies.



How are the hottest trends shaping the 2024 dessert industry?


Tech Inspired & Experience Delight:


This marks the first significant trend blending traditional baking with modern technology. Rooted in the consumer’s quest for unique experiences, this trend is evident in the 42% preference increase for automated stores since 2018.

Pâtisseries can use AI, like ChatGPT, to innovate and optimise recipes, which enhances customer experiences. For instance, Demel in Vienna enhances the customer experience through visible pastry-making.

Marrying indulgence with an unforgettable atmosphere!


Classics Continued:


The ‘Classics Continued’ trend showcases innovation within familiar tastes and textures. The cube croissant from Le Deli Robuchon in London, a hit on TikTok, exemplifies this trend. Data shows a 73% consumer preference for new foods with familiar elements.

Cafés and restaurants should explore traditional favourites with creative twists, focusing on taste and visual appeal. Currently, 64% of consumers believe visually appealing food tastes better, emphasising the importance of aesthetics in pastry creation.


Local Authenticity:


The third trend, ‘Local Authenticity’, underscores the preference for locally sourced ingredients. This trend reflects a shift towards sustainability and health, with consumers increasingly valuing local, transparently sourced ingredients. For example, Middle Eastern and African consumers demand detailed information about their food.

Local pastry chefs like Sahar Parham Al Awadhi incorporate regional flavours, adding authenticity and sustainability. This is an opportunity for wholesale dessert suppliers to focus on local ingredients and transparency.

Reference for the above data


Dessert Trends in 2024 What’s Baking in the Wholesale Dessert Industry-Priestleys Gourmet



Bonus: Emerging Bakery trends


Sourdough & Gut Health: Linking Digestion and Well-being


Gut health is a growing concern among consumers, positively influencing bakery choices. The majority now recognise the digestive benefits of fibre-rich foods like whole grain bread. The rise in awareness has led to a 7% increase in consumers trusting probiotics for better digestion since 2021.

Furthermore, 79% believe in the positive impact of gut health on mental well-being. This trend has boosted the popularity of sourdough products. 62% of consumers now perceive that as healthy for its digestibility and nutritional benefits.


Natural & Organic: Clean Eating on the Rise


Freshness tops the list of sought-after qualities in baked goods. It is closely followed by natural and minimally processed ingredients. About 71% of consumers globally prefer bakery products made with natural ingredients, an increase from 66% in 2021.

The trend is robust in North America. Bakeries are encouraged to feature natural ingredients prominently on their product packaging to capitalise on this trend.



In conclusion, the dessert trends of 2024 are a blend of innovation, nostalgia, health consciousness, and sensory delight. For wholesale desserts suppliers and wholesale cake suppliers in Australia, these trends offer a road map to stay ahead in the competitive market. By embracing these trends, businesses can cater to consumers’ ever-changing preferences.

Businesses can make their mark in the dynamic world of desserts with a wide range of products. As dessert trends evolve, one thing remains constant—the universal love for sweets and their endless possibilities.

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